Minecraft easiest AFK farms

Players can find a variety of items and blocks in Minecraft’s vast world. Players can build a farm for almost any item in Minecraft. Farms are a quick and easy way to get resources in Minecraft. There are two types of farms that players can create: semi-automatic and automatic. Semi-automatic farms are dependent on players while automated farms […]

Best starting potions

Minecraft’s world is famous for its seemingly endless dimensions. Minecraft offers more than exploration. It also allows for magic with enchantments, potions, and other magical tools. One of the most popular items in Minecraft is potions. These items have been around since the beginning of the game’s development and are very popular. Players can use potions to grant […]

Minecraft? Star wars?

One Minecraft user recreated the entire Star Wars galaxy on one map. Below, you’ll find a preview of Minecraft’s extensive work by Reddit user Vistachess (thanks to PC Gamer). To see the progress of the user on the creation of individual planets of Coruscant (original home of Jedi Order) and Tatooine, you can browse through […]

SMP Servers

Minecraft SMP servers are becoming more popular. Many YouTubers are responsible for this, including Dream, a prominent Minecraft YouTuber with his DreamSMP server. This article will provide all the necessary information for those who are unfamiliar with SMP server in Minecraft. It will also explain how to join them and which ones are the best. […]

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