How to Download Minecraft Maps

On a computer, go to a Minecraft map website such as and

2. To learn more about a map, click the name.

3. Click the Download link when you have found the map you desire.

4. Unzip the downloaded file.

5. Right-click the map folder, and select Copy. Copy multiple folders with names such as “DIM1” or “DIM-1” to ensure that you have enough copies.

6. Click the menu to open the Minecraft Launcher and choose Launch Options.

7. To confirm, enable “Advanced Settings” and click OK.

8. Click + Add New.

9. To turn it on, toggle the “Game directory” switch.

10. To open the Minecraft game folder, click the green arrow.

11. Double-click on the Saves folder.

12. Copy the map folder that you have copied earlier to the saves folder by pressing Control+V on a PC or Command+V on a Mac.

13. Open Minecraft Launcher, tap on the menu, then select Launch Options to play the new map. If you haven’t already, enable “Advanced settings”, then tap +Add New to select and add your map folder. Once the map is added, it will be displayed in the Singleplayer menu with all your other maps.

How to Download Minecraft Maps
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