Best starting potions

01. 29. 2023

Best starting potions

Minecraft's world is famous for its seemingly endless dimensions. Minecraft offers more than exploration. It also allows for magic with enchantments, potions, and other magical tools.

One of the most popular items in Minecraft is potions. These items have been around since the beginning of the game's development and are very popular. Players can use potions to grant special effects to themselves and other mobs.

Minecraft allows players to make potions with either negative or positive effects. Even though experienced players are able to perform the most difficult tasks with out potions, beginners can still benefit from potions.

5) Fire Resistance potion

Fire Resistance potions are useful when exploring the hellish realms of Minecraft. The Nether realm is Minecraft's version of Underworl. It is home to dangerous, hostile creatures and large lava oceans. Players may come across small lava packets while mining in safe areas. This can make it necessary to have fire resistance.

Fire Resistance potions are a way to protect your players from being lava-struck. Fire Resistance potion is recommended for beginners who are afraid to venture into the Nether. Players will need magma to make Fire Resistance potions.

4) Water Breathing potion

After a set time, players can only survive underwater for one hour before they drown. You can survive underwater in Minecraft with a variety of tricks. However, they may be difficult to remember or not used in time.

The safest way to explore the deep and beautiful oceans of Minecraft is by using Water Breathing potions. Water Breathing allows players to breathe underwater with no restrictions. Players will need pufferfish to make Water Breathing Potions.

3) Invisibility Potion

The Potion of Invisibility makes players invisible to all mobs. Mobs and other players will not be able to detect players with invisible status effects. To safely raid dangerous mobs such as woodland mansions and bastions, beginners can use Invisibility potions.

Fermented spider eyes can be added to odd potions to make Invisibility potions. Fermented spider eyes are made with brown mushroom, sugar, and spider eye.

2) Strength Potion

Sometimes beginners might feel helpless against boss mobs or hordes. A Strength potion is very useful in such situations. The Strength effect increases melee attack by 3 at level I, and 6 at level 2. By adding blaze powder and an awkward potion to Strength Potion, players can make Strength Potion.

1) The Weakness Potion

The Potion of Weakness can be used to cause weakness. This potion can be combined with golden apples to heal zombie villagers in Minecraft. Items sold at low prices by healed villagers. You can make Weakness potion by adding fermented Spider eyes to water bottles.