Best storage options in Minecraft

01. 22. 2023

Best storage options in Minecraft

There are many ways to organize and collect Minecraft items. These are known as storage options.

Each Minecraft storage option is unique. Each storage option in Minecraft is unique and has a different purpose. They all have one thing in common: they can hold multiple items.

Players will want to plan where and how items should be stored in Minecraft to achieve optimal organization. Although every storage option within Minecraft is useful, some options are more efficient than others.

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Which are the best Minecraft storage options?

Bundle (5)

Bundles are now officially available with the 1.18 update. These bundles can be used with 1.17 snapshots.

Bundles are made with strings and rabbit hides. They can be used to expand the inventory space in Minecraft. The in-game rules for stacking items have been changed to allow multiple stacks to share one space within a bundle. Bundles can be placed within each other to maximize storage efficiency.

Bundles can be a problem for players with limited inventory due to the inability to use unstackable items within them.

If the supplies are available, it's likely that it is easier to use a shulkerbox than a bundle. Bundles are much easier to create because players don't have to travel into the End dimension.

As Minecraft updates 1.18 make the items more common, it is possible that players will discover bundles to be some of the most useful storage options.

4) Barrel

Barrels can be made with only sticks and slabs, making them one of the most useful storage solutions. Barrels are a great alternative to chests, as they can hold the same number of items.

Many Minecraft players will argue that barrels look better than chests. They are also easier to open and sleeker. They can also be opened even when other blocks have been placed on them.

Barrels are great for certain builds and aesthetics due to their unique appearance. Barrels don't have any inherent negatives. However, they do offer a few advantages over other storage options.

3) Ender Chest

Ender chests are one of the most unusual Minecraft blocks. Although they can be difficult to build, you will need obsidian and an ender eye. However, they are extremely useful and well worth the effort.

Individual Minecraft players will find ender chests very convenient. You can access any item in an ender chest from any location.

Ender chests can be used to travel across the Minecraft world. To transport multiple items via ender boxes, you will need at least two: one for placing the items and one for accessing them later.

It is interesting to note that ender chests emit their own light. These chests are not ideal for all situations, however, as they can be quite expensive to make and only have limited inventory space.

2) Shulker Box

Shulker boxes can be thought of as extensions to one's inventory. Virtually all Minecraft players have experienced an issue with a full inventory. This can make it difficult to collect the items you want.

They can also collect all the items in a regular chest into one inventory slot with a shulkerbox.

You can break the shulker box and take it with all its contents. The items will be accessible once the shulker box is re-arranged. This makes shulker containers one of the most effective organizational tools in Minecraft.

These boxes are difficult to obtain. To craft a shulkerbox, players must first enter the End dimension.

Once the shulker boxes have been obtained, they can make a huge difference in your game. Because so many items can fit into the shulker boxes, they are ideal for travel. You can also color shulker boxes with dyes, which gives them an extra fun element that is not available in other Minecraft storage options.

1) Chest

When it comes to storage, the classic Minecraft chest is still the best choice. These storage containers can be used in many situations and are extremely versatile.

They are the most straightforward storage option, and require no special wood planks.

Chests are the only storage options that can be expanded. Two chests placed next to one another can be combined into one large chest. This doubles the storage space. This is great for players with more items than they can use.

Chests can be used to do more than simply store items. There are many options for regular chests like trap chests or donkey chests that can be used in a variety of situations. Chests are the best Minecraft storage option.