How to Download Minecraft Maps

01. 10. 2023

How to Download Minecraft Maps

1. On a computer, go to a Minecraft map website such as and

2. To learn more about a map, click the name.

3. Click the Download link when you have found the map you desire.

4. Unzip the downloaded file.

5. Right-click the map folder, and select Copy. Copy multiple folders with names such as “DIM1” or “DIM-1” to ensure that you have enough copies.

6. Click the menu to open the Minecraft Launcher and choose Launch Options.

7. To confirm, enable “Advanced Settings” and click OK.

8. Click + Add New.

9. To turn it on, toggle the “Game directory” switch.

10. To open the Minecraft game folder, click the green arrow.

11. Double-click on the Saves folder.

12. Copy the map folder that you have copied earlier to the saves folder by pressing Control+V on a PC or Command+V on a Mac.

13. Open Minecraft Launcher, tap on the menu, then select Launch Options to play the new map. If you haven't already, enable “Advanced settings”, then tap +Add New to select and add your map folder. Once the map is added, it will be displayed in the Singleplayer menu with all your other maps.